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Prinsip Pengendalian Perancangan Taman Bermain Anak di Ruang Publik (Design Control Principles of Children Playground in Public Space )

Posted by on February 15, 2012

Oleh Medha Baskara


Children playground is a place designed for children to play freely to gain cheerfulness, joy and excitement as well as the means to develop cognitive, social, physical, and emotional abilities. Children playgrounds managed by the government, private, schools and communities, currently do not have proper design standards to support the safety and health of users.  Children playground that do not pay attention to safety, comfort, convenience, and health in the design is very risky causing accidents and the main purpose of playing the game can not be achieved. Therefore, design control of children playground is required in order to minimize the negative impact of children playground and facilities on children’s safety and health and to assure society that assigned functions of children playground  work properly.  Criteria and indicators of children playground design are safety, health, comfort, convenience, security, and aesthetic. Components to be arranged in the design control of children playground are location, layout, game equipments, construction, and materials.

Keywords: Children Playground, Design Control, Criteria and Indicator.

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Jurnal Lanskap Indonesia, Vol. 3 No. 1 April 2011


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